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Tutorial Intro

Let's discover ChitChatjs in less than 5 minutes.

Getting Started#

Get started by creating a new repl, repo, or any code space..

tip is reccomended for a started codespace

Tutorial Environment Setup#

Please run the following in your terminal:

npm i -g chitchatsjs

And when you have that up, you can create a folder called tests. After you've done that, in your package.json file(at the root of your repo), add

"scripts": {
"test": "npx chitchatsjs node tests/mytest.chit.js && node tests/mytest.chit.js"

Now when you've done that, in your tests folder, put in a file called mytest.chit.js.


Now that you have setup your enviorment, you can now start writing some ChitChatjs!